NÓE Street Food and drinks: a new dining area for coffee, drinks and simple quality food, an easy going all day coffee-bar-restaurant, based on a personal selection of the best raw materials. It is located at 157 Dionysos Avenue, on the road that connects Ekali with Marathon, in the center of Dionysos, 15 minutes from the center of Kifissia, where the famous fish tavern O ANTHROPOS was once housed, which for many years was one of the first on the gastronomic list destinations of post-war secular Athens.

Indoor space capable of accommodating up to 60 people, designed like a living room of a house with a large fireplace, ambient lighting, paintings painted by graffiti street artists, nomadic carpets, boho chic and simple decoration, soft lounge music and hosted small live bands.

Outside huge cool courtyard area with a large stand around bar in the center and elements of water and greenery everywhere, surrounded by a green centuries-old pine forest, a part of which has been designed as a picnic area where in the summer groups and families can enjoy a cocktail , their soft drink and finger food of choice in a cardboard box, sitting on the straw bales scattered around

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